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Worst Case Scenario: Head and Neck

Download! What to do if your patient has a seizure, vomits blood or self-extubates, etc. In this crazy job called nursing, everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong at some point in your career.  I am dedicating this post to some worst case scenarios. WORST CASE SCENARIOS: HEAD AND NECK 1.  Your patient begins […]

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ABG’s and Vents for Dummies

Download! This AUDIO only version will cover the following topics: ABG interpretation made easy! ABG in the real world: the ICU What do you NEED to know about Ventillator Settings? great link for practice ABG’s: http://www.realnurseed.com/abg.htm

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ICU for Dummies!

Download! What every new nurse wishes he/she knew. In this AUDIO ONLY version, I will blow your mind and tell you everything you need to know about: ICU Dayshift vs ICU Nightshift Traveling with your patients to CT/MRI Lab results, CBC, BMP & Coags: what is really important?

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Pulses Really are Important!

Download! Our documentation requires us to chart pulses and whether they have been confirmed by palpation, Doppler, or if they are absent.  I usually check pulses while I’m assessing neurological status in an awake patient but every RN has their own “flow”. Until I rotated through the Vascular ICU, I very rarely had to doppler […]

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The Neuro ICU for Beginners

Download! There are a lot of abbreviations in the Neuroscience ICU and you will almost never hear the layman’s term stroke.  That is what confused me when I began.  I was listening to report and hearing SAH, IVH, ICP, CPP, SDH, DAI, blah blah blah.  Basically, I had no idea what was going on with […]

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Logrolling Patients with Spinal Precautions

Download! A patient with a cervical injury may have orders to logroll. Please refer to my blog post on Spinal Precautions if you would like more information about spinal injuries. Back to the logroll. Logroll? What are we- lumberjacks? Yep- pretty much. Logrolling maintains spine position when transferring a patient (from bed to stretcher, stretcher […]

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Spinal Precautions

Download! Who Needs Spinal Precautions? Spinal Precautions are taken for patients with neurological deficits and those complaining of neck pain or tenderness after an injury. Examples include patients who have undergone a fall, a violent injury, a motor vehicle accident, any blunt trauma above the clavicles, or a collision injury. Spinal precautions may also be […]

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