IMG_6654I wanted to publish this blog so that new nurses had a much needed outlet to vent about life after nursing school and why being a graduate nurse can feel like a roller coaster ride.

If you are anything like me and my group of nursing friends- you are so happy come graduation time that it’s FINALLY over.  You heard rumors that being a graduate nurse was not fun but you don’t care- you’re ready for that paycheck!  So- you nail your interview and get that first GN position.  You go through the hospital orientation, get matched with a preceptor and you’re off!  Let the fun begin right?  Wrong!  My friend (also a new nurse) said it best when she said, “Andria, I seriously feel stupid every single day!” Welcome to being a new nurse! Don’t worry- I’ve heard it gets better after years of practice…

I have a BSN and graduated in May of 2009.  I went directly from nursing school into an ICU rotation program that began in August of 2009.  The program I am in is specifically for GN’s (Graduate Nurses) and it provides 8 weeks of education mixed in with time spent in the ICU with a preceptor as well as independent study of the AACN critical care modules.  My first ICU assignment was the Neuroscience ICU where I worked until January of 2010.  After that, the ICU assignments were 10-14 weeks in length. I have rotated through the Coronary Care Unit, Vascular Intensive Care Unit, Cardiothoracic Surgery ICU, Medical ICU and the Trauma ICU.

For me, blogging about the difficulties in gaining experience as a new nurse helps to get things off my mind and also lets other new nurses know that you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed and intimidated.  I really hope other nurses out there will share their “duh” moments and their “ah-ha” moments so we can all learn, laugh, and cry(??) together!

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