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Hello NNB readers!

I’m excited to tell you about a new site called that is hoping to change the way student nurses connect with hospitals forever!

Right now, nursing students have a very difficult time finding and applying to nurse residency programs around the country.  Students have to rely on their own Google searches to find programs they might be interested in with no comprehensive list currently available.  The application process is an even bigger nightmare.  Hospitals don’t clearly lay out deadlines and applications are often lost in transition or ignored by HR departments.

RNDeer is hoping to change all that!  We have put together a database of over 400 hospitals that hire new grads or offer nurse residency programs.  The database includes the most up-to-date program links, HR phone numbers, and blurbs about the hospitals and programs of any site out there.  So far we’ve gotten incredible responses and are looking for more feedback!

To find out why over 3000 people have liked us on Facebook, please check out our site, browse around, and look at some programs!  If you have any comments, good or bad, please contact us through the site.  This is only the beginning; RNDeer has some big plans for expanding our database and offering additional services to further ease the recruiting process.  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to continue receiving updates!

Thanks a lot,

The RNDeer Team

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