What’s in your IV bag?

by Andria RN · 1 comment

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Ever wondered what kind of fluids are hanging in your IV bag and why?

Hopefully, this audio podcast will answer all of your questions about:


Isotonic Solutions: Normal Saline, Lactated Ringers, D5W

Hypotonic Solutions: D51/2 NS, .45% NS, D5W

Hypertonic Solutions: D5NS, D5LR, 3% NS, 10%NS


Hetastarch, Albumin, Mannitol, Dextran



  • Jody Reilly

    At first I thought, you’ve got to be kidding! She talks way too much! I did make myself listen just to give an appropriate comment.
    I’ve been a nurse for 39 years and I did enjoy listening and thinking about the IV fluids. I don’t think you should talk so much about going to CRNA school. I can understand that you are excited though..
    Was hoping I could recommend your podcast to students where I am a clinical instructor, but I think it is too lengthy. Good luck in your new adventure in CRNA school.

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