How to Become a CRNA- Nurse Anesthetist

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Bad News: CRNA is no longer the Best Kept Secret in Healthcare!

Yep..Nurse Anesthesia is no longer the best kept secret- a lot of your co-workers in the ICU are thinking about applying and they are going to be your biggest competition.  Do you want to get a million  steps ahead of them?  Sign up for early access to a product that will tell you everything you need to know about CRNA’s, everything you need to know about the application process, and access to interviews with real life CRNA’s and student CRNA’s who talk candidly about their panel interviews with CRNA Admission Committees.  The sign up form is right here- to the right of this blog post.

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If you’re a nursing student thinking about CRNA, you need to sign up now. This web product will give you invaluable tips that you can start working on while you’re earning your BSN.  Be ahead of the competition before you even graduate!

When you sign up, you are getting:

  • First notification of the product launch date

  • An early bird DISCOUNT!

  • Access to insider information and interviews

You have to hurry!  After the product launches- this opportunity will expire.  So make a move today!  All you need is your name and your e-mail address!  Send questions and comments to

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