Introducing Courtney! Hello everyone! My name is Courtney and I’m an RN working in a medical ICU. I recently started a website “From New to ICU“.  It’s focused on helping nurses at all stages of their career! The main purpose is to help pre-nursing students find the right BSN program for them. From New to […]


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Preparing for NCLEX?

A good chunk of the readers that find this blog are nursing students who are looking for some insight into how to study for and pass the NCLEX-RN.  I receive questions on a fairly regular basis asking how best to prepare and my answer is always the same- do a lot of practice questions! Preparing […]

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Guest Blog: Staying Late at Work: You’re Going to Have to

I’m going to interview myself about a subject that I never thought about as a student: staying after your shift ends to get things done. I’ll also tell you why this is a positive thing! How often do you stay later than your shift demands? In my workplace, staying later than your shift ends feels […]

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Guest Blog: How Nurses Can Cope with, Identify, and Relieve Stress at the First Sign

Stress seems to always manage to find us, no matter how much we try to avoid it. It settles in bit by bit until one day we feel like the weight of the world has been placed squarely on our shoulders.   This type of stress is not uncommon for those in the nursing profession or […]

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Need Help Finding a Nurse Residency Program?

Hello NNB readers! I’m excited to tell you about a new site called that is hoping to change the way student nurses connect with hospitals forever! Right now, nursing students have a very difficult time finding and applying to nurse residency programs around the country.  Students have to rely on their own Google searches […]

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IV Tips

Hello NNB readers!  I recently wrote a blog post for my CRNA blog that gives IV tips.  It was suggested by a reader that I also include that post on this site as ICU RN’s struggle with IV’s as well.  So the following post has been borrowed from my CRNA blog site.  I hope you […]

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Badge Clip Fundraiser!

Hey blog readers! Our class is selling these vial top badge clips to help raise money for our graduation.  They are on retractable badge clips.  Cost is $10.00 per clip and includes shipping to any US address. Please e-mail host”at” for payment details.  We will try to accommodate color requests but we’re limited by […]

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Nursing Report Sheets

Some of the best advice I got as a new grad ICU nurse was to make my own nursing report sheet. A report sheet is helpful, for example, when the night nurse is reporting off to the day nurse, and there are pending results or follow up needed (as is often the case with our […]

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Smart Phone Apps for ICU and OR

Technology is so Wonderful, Isn’t It? So you’re not going to lug a big heavy textbook (or 10) into the OR or into the ICU right? Right. That’s why smart phone apps are great for students or newbies who need a handy resource that is also portable and discrete. There are a ton of free […]

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